Created in 2012, following the French initiative of Technology Research Institutes, BIOASTER is a non-for-profit foundation developing a unique technological and innovative model to support the latest challenges in microbiology. In particular, BIOASTER uses and develops high value technological innovations that accelerate development of medical solutions for populations and personalized medicine. The aim of BIOASTER is to bring together academic, industry and its capacities and specific knowledge to develop and execute high impact collaborative projects requiring industry compatible innovative technologies.

Key figures: 

4 fields of expertise: 

  • antimicrobials, diagnostics, microbiota, vaccines 
  • BSL2 & BSL3 laboratories in Lyon and Paris
  • 100+ employees, including 80% of scientific experts, 17 nationalities
  • 250+ research contracts, involving 93 private partners, 54 public partners.

Main roles in project

BIOASTER will be in charge of generating whole blood transcriptome profiles at baseline and at an early time point after influenza immunization on all subjects enrolled in clinical cohorts in Europe and India. Exploratory plasma proteome and metabolome profiling will be initially performed at baseline on subsets of high and low responders from each clinical cohort.

Contact: Laurent Beloeil