National Institute of Immunology (NII)

The National Institute of Immunology (NII) is committed to advanced research addressing the basic mechanisms involved in the body's defence to identify modalities for manipulation of the immune system to provide protection against diseases and understand mechanisms that can be used to target disease processes for intervention. The institute’s research thrust areas under immunology and related disciplines cluster in four main themes, namely, infection and immunity, molecular design, gene regulation and reproduction and development, where cutting edge research in modern biology is being carried out.

Main roles in project:

NII will contribute to the management and coordination of the consortium as the Indian Scientific Lead. This will be further supported by the NII Primate Research Centre (PRC), administrative section, accounts section and legal support. We at NII will take the lead and oversee the GMP manufacturing of the COBRA vaccine, oversee the GLP toxicity study of the COBRA vaccine and conduct immunogenicity and challenge studies in NHP with the COBRA and APC-MIX vaccines. 

Contact: Dr. Prafullakumar Tailor