Human Vaccines Project (HVP Inc.)

The Human Vaccines Project (HVP Inc.) is a global non-profit comprised of leading stakeholders from academia, industry, and government institutions who work together to accelerate the development of vaccines and immunotherapies against major global diseases and cancer by decoding the human immune system. Operating under a consortium model, the HVP network consists of leading university and academic research centres that serve as scientific hubs. These hubs work collaboratively to investigate the underlying mechanisms responsible for differences in vaccine responsiveness and vaccine efficacy in populations around the world. 

The scientific activities of the HVP network include, (i) conducting multicentre international vaccine clinical trials aimed at elucidating the underlying immune mechanisms responsible for vaccine protection following a single-dose, (ii) using a systems immunology approach and the integration of data across multiple datasets to identify host signatures prior to immunization that correlate with subsequent measurements of vaccine efficacy, (iii) conducting a comprehensive systems analysis of host factors, including prior influenza exposures, that influence protective immune responsiveness to a quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccine, and (iv) developing novel bioinformatic tools to allow for enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to elucidate a more comprehensive understanding of the human immune system. 

Main roles in project

HVP Inc. will collaborate to establish the central data warehouses in Europe and in India. We will conduct the data analysis and integration for the phase IV trials of seasonal influenza vaccines in vulnerable populations (Europe) COBRA vaccine trials, as well as for the phase I trial and the Human Challenge Study (Europe). We will also ensure that all required immune response and meta data generated from these trials is deposited into the Europe data warehouse. We will then conduct data integration and a comprehensive immune biomarker analysis for biomarker identification. HVP Inc. will also contribute to the management and coordination of the consortium as a work package leader.

Contact: Dr. Wayne C. Koff