Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a modern university medical centre for research, education and patient care with a high quality clinical profile and a strong scientific orientation. Its unique research practice, ranging from pure fundamental medical research to applied clinical research, places LUMC among the world top. This enables LUMC to offer patient care and education that is in line with the latest international insights and standards – and helps it to improve medicine and healthcare both internally and externally.

Within the LUMC, the Controlled Human Infections Centre (CHIC), headed by Prof. Meta Roestenberg, is taking the lead on developing and exploiting human challenge trials for the development of novel vaccines and medicine for public health. Inpatient clinical trials of the CHIC are performed in collaboration with the Center for Human Drug Research (CHDR), where single-room beds are available for challenge studies. CHDR is located opposite the LUMC facility and former LUMC spin-out, which specializes in innovative early-stage clinical drug research.

Main roles in project

LUMC will be responsible for establishing the influenza controlled human infection model with new viral strains provided by the NIH (USA). Subsequently, LUMC will test the preliminary efficacy of the selected COBRA vaccine candidate in healthy Dutch adults in a phase I challenge trial. The LUMC can build on the experience from the CHIC (located within LUMC) and the CHDR (located opposite the LUMC) with which it collaborates closely.

Contact: Prof. Meta Roestenberg