Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Founded in 1834, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) has a long tradition of excellence in Research with four scientific Nobel Prizes, two Nobel Peace Prizes, one Fields Medal, three Wolf Prizes and two Marie Curie Excellence Awards. It is one of the largest and best Research Universities in Belgium, with a student population of 35,000 and with almost 2,000 PhD in progress distributed among 22 Doctoral schools. ULB has considerable experience with European funding programmes, being involved in more than 280 projects financed by both the 7th European Framework Programme and Horizon 2020, including 41 ERC grants and 83 MSCA grants. 

Main roles in project

The Université libre de Bruxelles will coordinate the project’s immune profiling in collaboration with TSHTI and will apply systems serology approach to characterize influenza vaccine responses. Furthermore, ULB will be responsible for conducting the proposed phase IV trial in infants. ULB will guide harmonization of clinical sample collection, storage and shipment, as well as work in close collaboration with the leaders of data management and data integration to ensure excellent data formatting, management and transfer for optimal data integration and analysis.ULB will actively participate in the transfer of technologies from the laboratories of immune profiling partners to the laboratory of THSTI. ULB will also contribute to the management and coordination of the consortium as a work package leader.

Contact: Prof. Arnaud Marchant