University of Oslo (UiO)

The University of Oslo (UiO) was founded in 1811, and is Norway’s largest public institution of research and higher education with 28 000 students and 6 600 employees. UiO is a classical university with excellent research in a broad range of academic fields. Its current strategic focus is on interdisciplinary research, particularly in the fields of energy and life sciences. With five Nobel Prize winners, UiO has a strong track record of pioneering research and scientific discovery. The UiO Faculty of Medicine has scientific employees within three institutes: Clinical Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences, and Health and Society. The Faculty has an extensive EU project portfolio with more than 50 awarded projects and 7 ERC awardees. The Faculty runs its second Marie Curie COFUND postdoctoral program, and has been awarded four National Centres of Excellence (two past, two ongoing). These Centres have a strategic focus on interdisciplinary research in the field of life sciences. 

Main roles in project

INCENTIVE UiO partners Gunnveig Grødeland and Bjarne Bogen are located in the Department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine, at the Institute of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, with access to state of the art laboratories and animal facilities. The Department is also intimately linked with the Oslo University Hospital, which is the largest hospital in Northern Europe. For INCENTIVE, we will contribute to development of novel vaccine formats that can offer broad protection against a variety of influenza subtypes. More specifically, we will use a mixture of influenza antigens for induction of immune responses towards conserved epitopes. To ensure vaccine efficacy, the antigens in the vaccine mixture will be targeted specifically to the most relevant receptors expressed on antigen presenting cells.

Contact: Dr. Gunnveig Grødeland